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What Quilt Customers Say...

What Quilt Customers Say...
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Margaret, You never cease to amaze me.  The Quilting Patterns always seem to match the quilt and enhance the beauty.
thanks so much!   Liz
Carol says...
"I want to thank you for the wonderful work you do on my quilts.  The patterns & thread colors are beautiful.  I have so many friends and family that love your work also

The support and turn around time is also the best around town."
Cindy writes...
"Margaret, I appreciate the wonderful quilting workmanship and fast turnaround on my quilts. The quilt patterns and variegated thread colors always match the quilt.  You are truly a dear and always complete any last minute quilting for my numerous unexpected requests. And from the comments my friends/family have given they love the quilt and quilting.  Thank you for being a long arm quilter and thanks for being a dear friend."
from Melinda:
"Margaret you have done an excellent quilting application each time I have sent my treasures to you.  I loved the way you quilted Maple leaves on my autumn quilt, it really added to its beauty."

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